Herbicide and weed identification course

Weed Spraying Course

You can make a difference! Through doing these courses you will learn how weeds are a serious threat, destroying habitats, threatening native plants and animals and choking our eco systems. You can help maintain the Northern Territory's unique environment and also help the survival of rare and endangered species.

If you hate weeds then learn how to kill weeds !

Weed Spraying Course

This course is nationally recognised throughout Australia

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About the course

Train Safe NT can come to you and teach the level 2 weed spraying course at your workplace or Indigenous community.  Successful completion of this training contributes to the requirements of a Professional Ground Spray License.

This course can be completed online go to https://trainsafe.net/courses/online-treat-weeds/

Level II - The course runs for two (2) days and is recommended for people who under supervision mix, spray herbicides such as Glyphosate.  You will learn how to identify common weeds, safely mix and spray weeds and use PPE.  Courses can be tailored to control woody weeds, trees or grasses.  This course can be completed online. 

What will I learn?

  • How to identify weeds in the Northern Territory
  • Gamba, mission grass, coffee, rubber bush and many more
  • Herbicides for grasses
  • Herbicides for woody weeds
  • Herbicide labels
  • Mixing rates
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Employees obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act
  • Spray units
  • Folia spray
  • Cut stump method
  • Quickspray or knapsacks

The unit of competency is: AHCPMG201 Treat weeds