Chainsaw use and maintenance training

Alice Springs Chainsaw Training

$599 per person (minimum five (5) people)

Do you use a chainsaw at work have to cut timber on the ground? This course is for you! This course will help you cut timber safely get the best out of your chainsaw.  The focus is cross cut methods.  The trainer lives in Alice Springs and has plenty of "bush experience".

Alice Springs Chainsaw Training

This course is nationally recognised throughout Australia

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About the course

Using a chainsaw in Alice Springs can be pretty tough, the wood is full of dirt from the termites, the chain is blunt quickly.  We will show you how to get the best out of your chainsaw use the right cut for the job.  A sharp chain and well maintained saw is a great tool that can be used to remove fallen trees.  This course will give you the confidence to operate a chainsaw in a safe manner. 

Train Safe NT can come to you and do the Nationally Accredited training at your workplace or Aboriginal community. Give us a call to discuss training options.  The Unit of Competency is AHCMOM213 Operate and maintain chainsaws.

Assessment Tasks Student_Copy_AHCMOM_213_Operate___Maintain_Chainsaws_V12 

What will I learn?

You will learn how to safely and successfully operate and maintain a chainsaw.

  • Cross cut methods
  • Compression wood
  • Saw jam
  • Pre-start checks
  • Fuel mixes
  • Safer operation of saw
  • Bar and saw maintenance
  • Sharpening chain and tightening chain
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Risk assessments
  • Chain brakes and kickback
  • Employee’s responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Act

The unit of competency is: AHCMOM213 Operate and maintain chainsaws