Mig welding

Welding Two (2) Day Course

This course is only taught in workplaces for groups of eight (8) people.

You cannot join in with a group, If you cannot organise a group of 8 people you cannot do this course.  The course is only taught in workplaces or remote communities for groups of eight (8) people. 

Train Safe NT can come to your remote Aboriginal community and run a welding course for your work force.  Welding skills are very useful for work and highly sought after on remote Northern Territory communities. This two (2) day course will show you how to use mig and manual arc welders so you can fix or make steel structures.  See the photos of the BBQs and tools that our experienced trainer can teach your people.

Welding Two (2) Day Course

This course is nationally recognised throughout Australia

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About the course

This course is good for people living in remote communities and who need to be able to fix and repair metal or steel structures.  The welding is non - trade and can be used for making tools, fixing gates, fences, cattle yards or other metal structures where the services of a trade person is not required.  Train Safe NT can come to you and complete a Nationally accredited training course at your cattle station or Aboriginal community.  Complete our booking inquiry form or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

What will I learn ?

  • How to use a mig and "stick'' welder
  • Wire feed, amperage, volts
  • Mig & manual arc welding
  • Fix gates, fences, benches or make BBQs or artistic scultptures
  • Angle grinder use & safety
  • Grinding discs, cutting discs and brushing discs
  • Safe use of grinders
  • Cut off saws
  • Dangerous goods signs flammable, corrosive, electricial hazard
  • Pre-start check of welders and machinery
  • Perform the following joins, closed butt, tee fillet, open butt and tack weld
  • Smooth and strong joints
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hazardous fumes, electricity and wet areas
  • Measuring correct use of tape measure
  • Steel thickness amperage, volts and wire feed
  • Duty of care
  • Employee's responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Act

The unit of competency is: AHCINF208 Fabricate and repair metal or plastic structures.