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4 reasons why NT roads kill people

The road fatalities in the NT are about 3-4 times greater than NSW, so why are NT roads dangerous?  Do more people get killed on remote roads in the Central Australian region?  The answer is yes.  There are many reasons why a road accident 500km from Alice Springs or Darwin can be fatal.  What…

Are NT roads dangerous yes
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Are NT roads dangerous yes

The 4WD vehicle was attempting to drive up a very steep and rocky hill, it would of been a challenge for any vehicle as there are many washouts and erroded gullies. Sadly, the driver rolled the car and it was a pretty powerfull roll as the entire car flipped onto the roof.  This would of been terrifying…

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Herbicide training for your staff

If you spray weeds with Glyphosate this course is for you. This two (2) day course is referred to as ‘AusChem’ and is valid for 5 years.  This training will help your staff develop a complete understanding of how to safely handle and use herbicides. If you want to kill weeds quickly and safely…

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Snatch straps can kill

When the 4WD vehicle is bogged you should look at all the possible recovery methods, using a snatch strap can be dangerous.  Sadly a woman was killed using a snatch strap to recover a bogged vehicle, the snatch strap was attached to the tow ball and it sheared off and flew back through the windscreen,…