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JT Jonathan Thurston in Darwin
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JT Jonathan Thurston in Darwin

Jonathan Thurston (JT) a footy legend was in Darwin for 9th. Aboriginal Economic Conference, he gave a great talk and encouraged many people to believe in themselves.  JT ex rugby league footy player spends alot of his time helping other people.  "I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Thurston after…

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Tractor Training Skid Steer

You can steer a tractor with back wheels, watch the video.  Some tractors have the skidsteer option.  Tractors can be dangerous as a number of people each year are killed working in the rural area, doing a course can make it safer.

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Low 4 in a Toyota Hilux

The gear L4 in a hilux is great for slow, muddy, sandy, wet conditions.  Watch this it may help you.Do a 4x4 course in darwin and learn how to use diff lock & low rangeThis video demonstrates low range on on wet water crossing.

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Diff Lock Won't Turn Off

The diff lock in Toyota Hilux won't turn off try this.  Watch the video.  If the centre diff lock is stuck on do not drive on sealed roads, this could break your gear box or stuff up the differential.  Make sure centre diff lock is off.Watch this video, if you use L4 in a Toyota Hilux.A 4x4 course…

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Standard Toyota Jack vs Hydraulic Jack

Probably one of the most important things to remember when setting up your 4x4 is not to replace your standard jack with a big hydraulic jack. The standard jack is designed to fit under the lifting point of your 4x4 vehicle when your tyre is flat.                    The standard Toyota jack handle is…