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Quad bike gets safer with Lifesaver

Quad bike roll bar technology looks good.  If the quad bike rolls on the rider it can kill as most ATV weigh 400kg.  The Lifesaver roll bar is flexible like a big springs that flexs over the body rather than crushing, watch video.  In the rural workplace quad contribute to deaths each year, so why do…

Cyril Rioli Footy Legend
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Cyril Rioli Footy Legend

Footy star Cyril Rioli recently did a course with Train Safe NT. The trainer James Gorrie said "he was a great leader and mentor as he helped other students". "I was a bit surprised when the AFL legend walked into the classroom, I thought wow this will be a great day". "I have watch foorty and AFL…

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What is diff lock on 4X4 vehicles?

Have you seen these on Toyota or 4X4 vehicles?      A locking differential (or diff locker) can make a significant difference in the performance of your 4wd in certain situations.  Known also as diff-lock or locker, it is a modification to the standard differential.  Its purpose is to restrict each of…

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Highlift Jack Kicks Back Massive

Highlift jack watch out, watch video only 45 seconds.  To make it safer never put your body or head over the bar as the potential power in the bar is huge and can flip back and knock you out.  The high lift jack has the ability to lift 1600kg thats more than one and a half ton so there is allot of weight…

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Chaps for chainsaws - Why ?

I have often wondered if a chainsaw could cut through chaps or chainsaw pants, so I tested it and nailed an old pait of chaps to a log and ran the chainsaw through the chaps.  Watch the video only 1 minute, yes they work.  Chaps will save your legs.   The filming is not great but you get the point. …