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Quad bikes ATV can roll - Be Careful

See how a quad bike or ATV can rollover, it doesn't take take much if the ground is uneven.  Watch the video it only takes 20 seconds it may help you be safer with ATVs.  As of November 2014 fifteen (15) people have been killed in quad bike related incidents, eight of the deaths were a result…

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Welding in a remote NT Indigenous Community

Let’s face it remote NT communities are tough; very tough on everything! People who live in remote areas in the Northern Territory have similar needs to those in urban areas but there are a lot more challenges.  Power blackouts can be common and the water supply can be sporadic.  The environmental conditions,…

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Defensive driving in Darwin

What is defensive driving? A definition tells us that defensive driving is, "driving to save lives and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others." That sums it up well, even if it comes from the American National Standards Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operation, American…