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Work Car Road Rules
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Work Car Road Rules

In the Northern Territory we operate under the Australian Road Rules as well as the Northern Territory Road Rules.

Some of the reasons behind motor vehicle accidents, What is the speed limit here? Speed limits in Darwin change all the time so you need to be looking for speed signs as your boss will probably not pay the fine.  Exceed speed limit by 30km/h up to 45km/h, $600 fine, and 4 demerit points.

On a roundabout you must give way to any vehicle on your right or on the roundabout. You must also indicate your intension when entering a roundabout and indicate left when leaving the roundabout. U turns can I make a U-turn at the traffic lights? It is illegal to do a U-turn at traffic lights unless there is a sign stating U-turn permitted.  Train Safe NT was nominated for AANT Road Safety Award read more

Lack of concentration Ever been yelling at the children in the back seat or answer that phone when driving, DON’T wait to you get home.  Using handheld phone when driving. $500 fine, and 3 demerit points.

Unroadworthy vehicle Are my tyres roadworthy? Do all my lights work? Are my seat belts in good working order? All could lead to big fines and having your vehicle defected or put of the road.  Driving unfamiliar vehicle Driving an unfamiliar vehicle, say with the indicators on the opposite side of the steering wheel, or trying to drive a manual for the first time since you got your licence can all be very dangerous and lead to a motor vehicle accident if you don’t familiarize yourself with the vehicle first.

Night / Rain Ever had trouble seeing at night or in the rain is your windscreen all streaky on the outside. Do your wipers work properly? Maybe you need new glasses, either way you need to get the problem fixed before something goes wrong. Look at driving course

Drugs/Alcohol Ever thought to yourself in the morning how did we get home last night? Then look outside and see your car badly parked in the driveway, then ask yourself did I drive.  0.05-0.08 BAC First offence full licence. 3months loss of licence $400 fine, and 3 demerit points.

Fatigue Driving tyred is almost as dangerous as drink driving, ever been on that holiday with the family the wife and children are asleep and all of a sudden, the next town you thought was coming up is now 25km behind you and you don’t remember driving through the town. You should stop at least every 2 hours get out of the car to stretch your legs and refocus on your driving.

Any of these things and many more could increase the chance of you being involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

This course will prepare you for driving a manual or automatic vehicle on the roads around Darwin, you will learn some defensive driving skills to help you out in the dry or wet season.  Things you will learn pre-start check: What is it, Why is it important, How often should it be done.

Things that will be covered, oil levels and what oil to use, coolant, brakes and how they work in the modern vehicle, clutch, power steering fluid, window washer, battery levels and how to check, Plus lots more.  Workplace driving course

Tyre Changing, great skill, ever wondered if you could change that flat tyre?  Learn where to place the jack, tips on how to undo those overtight wheel nuts, how to lift that heavy tyre.  Emergency braking for large animals like horses, learn to stop your vehicle quickly and safely in an emergency.  Train Safe NT was nominated for AANT Road Safety Award read more

Reverse Parking: Ever watched a friend reverse park and think they make it look so easy. Roundabouts: Ever get confused what and when to indicate on a roundabout.
U-turns: Where can you legally make a U-turn.
Who goes first: Ever been at an intersection and thought who has right of way?
Hill starts: Ever been at traffic lights and think what if I roll backwards?
Driving too fast: We will talk about the hazards of high speed driving and the consequences when things go wrong.

Fatigue: How can I stop getting sleepy when driving.  Animals: How many animals are on the road and what do I do when I come across one on the road.  All these and any other problems you may have when driving can be looked at and sorted out to give you the confidence you need to drive safely in a vehicle you’re not use to driving or in your own vehicle.  AANT Road Safety Award

If you have staff and they need some help with driving work car, this is a great course.  Lots of little tips that make driving safer, this course is Nationally accredited the unit is TLIC1051 Operate a commercial vehicle