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Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition
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Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

Metal Art exhibition will be on at Dom's Bar 23 July, Aralia street Nightcliff.  James Gorrie creates metal art and is inspired by the bushland around Darwin.  The machine age is dumped on the urban fringe, car parts, metal machinery, the industrial revolution is found in the bush, dumped, burnt and now reinvented into machine art. All components are recyles or scavenged nothing is new.  Doms Bar is a great supporter of the local artists

  • Dom's Bar Nightcliff 
  • Friday 23rd. July
  • 5pm - 8pm

Dom's Bar Aralia street Nightcliff, will be hosting the metal art exhibition, Friday 23rd. July.  Check out Doms Bar

Corona Virus

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition 

The metal sculpture represents Corona Virus. I was inspired by the aggressive images of covid 19, if you get covid you may need oxygen from tanks to stay alive and sadly some do not make it, the cross represents the death toll. The current corona virus strain is so virulent and aggressive, so the sculpture had to look mad and angry like a wild beast. The circular saw blades are symbolic of the virulence and speed that the delta strain can cut through the immune system. It is made of tradie tools, old car parts and stolen burnt out cars that were left in the urban fringe around Darwin.

Tesla Electric Car

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

The electric car is the future, within our lifetime we will all own one.  Steering wheel, minibike exhaust, battery, electric motor, carby, horn, speaker, ipad.

Heavy Metal

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

The clash between the urban fringe and the stolen cars.  Piston, grader foot rest, hills hoist, car jack, dogs, trolley.

A Gardeners Day

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

As a young man my first job straight out of school was apprentice in horticulture. Back then there were no electric hedge trimmers or blowers. The tools needed manual labour, we carried them in the wheelbarrow and pruned, chipped weeds, cut vines, pruned roses, dug weeds, this was all done by hand. The metal art sculpture reminds me of the old days pre electric batteries, Wi-Fi, internet. Some would say the good old days.

Fast Car 

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

All the parts were scavenged around Darwin, the cars were burnt out, someone’s workmanship and pride has been left in the bush and recycled into a garden sculpture. Oil filter, fuel filler, manifold, bumper bar, steering wheel, tools, drive shaft, exhaust.

V8s Rule

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

The bigger the engine the bigger exhaust, the more cylinders the more exhausts, power, speed is expressed through the exhaust system. The steering wheel and the accelerator gives you the power, long live the V8. Holden, Ford exhausts, accelerator.

Earth Mover

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

The auger represents the ability to dig holes and the uni joint offers a flexible force to direct the power, the diesel pump runs the show and it all sits on a stolen NT Government removalist trolley.

Tradies Chair

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

The tradesmen have many tools and is usually emotionally attached to certain implements. At morning tea and lunch, they sit on chairs surrounded by their tools, this makes them feel comfortable.

Right Wing

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition

Metal table, shovel handle, rio steel, cyclone mesh, cast-iron park bench.

Most remote towns have allot of steel and old car parts that can be used to make useful things.  Welding is one of the best skills to learn as you can do so much whether its maintaining yards, gates or fixing tools or being creative and making sculptures.

Train Safe NT can travel to remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and run welding courses for the shire council or ranger groups or CDP groups. The training is very useful as you can learn how to use a mig and arc welder so you can fix steel structures or make things that you need for your job. The last group make bush BBQs that are simple and strong these are great for an open fire, you just place the BBQ over the fire and feed the logs in.  100% recycled steel not one (1) bit of new steel was used.  Learn about a welding course

100% recycled steel not one (1) bit of new steel was used.  I want to do a welding course

Art Work Welding Sculptures

Welding Art made by trainer and displayed at training room in Winnellie.  The installation is called 'pre start check"

Dom's Bar "Metal Art" Exhibition