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Training at Timber Creek

Training in Timber Creek

What a week’s Training Timber Creek was! I arrived in Timber Creek Late afternoon after a 6-hour drive from Darwin. The first thing I did was meet up with the NLC manager. He is a top bloke he took me straight to my accommodation for the week and told me a bit about town, he also told me where to try my luck for an infamous Barramundi.

Having a had a good sleep in the comfortable accommodation I started my first days training with the local Rangers. Top blokes every one of them were into what we were learning and gave me my full attention.  The combination of great blokes, good equipment and the best training grounds you could ask for made for good days training out bush.

Training at Timber Creek  Of an evening, I would drive down to local Victoria River in search for some good land based fishing. I managed to catch an undersized Barra. Great fun but too small for the table, I was just as happy checking out the country with its amazing wild life. Timber Creek its self was good to see full of pandanus palms and crystal clear water it was what you envision the top ends remote waterways to be like, still wild and virtually untouched.

With good student outcomes, and having met some top people it was time for me to return to Darwin. Train Safe NT looks forward to returning to Timber Creek for future training!  Scott M