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Snatch straps can kill

When the 4WD vehicle is bogged you should look at all the possible recovery methods, using a snatch strap can be dangerous.  Sadly a woman was killed using a snatch strap to recover a bogged vehicle, the snatch strap was attached to the tow ball and it sheared off and flew back through the windscreen, crushing her throat.  This fatal accident occurred in Western Australia in 2011.

The risks associated with snatch straps are very real and sadly people are injured or killed.   James Gorrie is a 4WD trainer and recommends “people should try other recovery methods such as, electric winch, hand turfer or reducing tyre pressure to remove a bogged vehicle, try other safer recovery methods first”.“only use the snatch strap as a last resort and read the instruction for use and follow them”.  “Allot of vehicles are not designed for snatch straps as the recover point is not strong enough to withstand the force of a 3-4 ton vehicle pulling it out of the mud”. “I would recommendation to remove the snatch strap from the workplace and train employees to use other recovery methods”.

When the snatch strap is under strain it can break off the metal recover points and these fly through the air and hit cars or people. Only vehicles with rated recovery points that are designed for the correct snatch strap can use snatch straps.