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Sand Driving 4WD in Alice Springs

If you are driving a 4WD around the Alice Springs region you will encounter plenty of sand, sandy roads or bush tracks.  Watch this 12 second video you will learn allot about sand driving.  The trick is to put the vehicle in 4WD and keep the momentum up, stopping or cornering will increase the chance of getting stuck.  Keep your revs at about 2000-2500 in maybe 2nd gear, if you get stuck you can drop your tire pressure to maybe 20 PSI but do not drive greater than 40km/h with this pressure.  Slow down for corners but keep revs up.  The tires may get hot so check them every 15 minutes if they feel hot rest the vehicle.  Learn about remote driving in Alice Springs

Next video show what a difference soft tires or low pressure makes in deep sand.  Its only 12 seconds.

Remember drink plenty of water and always let people know where you are going.  Are you interested in doing a 4WD course in Alice Springs?