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Outback Training in the Wild NT

Ngukurr Chainsaw Training

Travelling to remote communities in the Northern Territory and training is a rewarding experience that doesn’t seem to get old. The Australian outback is our classroom and the people that live there are our students.  Arriving in Ngukurr and meeting the students at the arts centre was a great experience in itself, getting shown around and seeing the workmanship that goes into the art work is inspiring.

The arts centre in Ngukurr specialise in many different styles of art but a big part of what they do involves timber for carvings and making artefacts like boomerangs and didgeridoos.  The guys doing the course where learning about chainsaw safety, correct handling techniques cutting and maintenance, but they were not the only ones learning new skills, I was being shown native timbers used traditionally for making different tools and instruments.  Timber like Milkwood, Coolabah, Iron wood and Lancewood are sort after with unique properties for making different things.  Learn about chainsaw training

Getting to know the traditional owners and teaching them new skills that help assist with cultural practices is really rewarding and I hope to go back there again for more training.

Scott M is trainer who loves the outback.  See Scott's Profile