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Changing a Flat Tyre on a Toyota Prado

Safety tips for changing tyres on 4WD vehicles

The first safety tip to consider when changing a tyre is to find suitable ground for the tyre change.  You want to find a level solid base away from danger, like passing cars.

The second safety tip when doing a tyre change is to make sure the vehicle is secure, put the hand brake on and put the vehicle in park or in gear, you can use wheel chocks like a rock or shovel dirt under the opposite wheel to the flat tyre.

The third safety tip is to use an appropriate jacking point always use the location identified in the vehicles operator manual follow the diagram on the vehicles jack.

The fourth safety tip is removing the spare wheel safely without hurting your back, this can be made easier with the use of a shovel turned into a ramp.  Learn More on 4WD Course

The fifth safety tip is when the car is jacked up never put any limbs into wheel arches or crawl under the vehicle as the car could slip off the jack and crush you.  Finnally, keep the keys to the car close to you, do not let any one start the car while you are working on it.

Changing a Flat Tyre on a Toyota Prado

Changing a tyre on a 4WD vehicle, another view

The first thing you need to do when faced with a flat tyre is find a safe place to stop so you are far enough off the road, so you can safely change the tyre. The ground should be flat and hard, so the jack will not sink into any soft ground.  When parked and the engine is shut down place the vehicle in gear / park, hand brake on, and put the keys in your pocket to prevent accidental starting. When you get out of the car it’s a good idea to choke the opposite / diagonal wheel of the car.  Do a 4WD course

When jacking the car check the owner’s manual for correct jack placement and place the spare tyre under the side of the car in between the front and back wheels nearest to the flat tyre.  To undo the wheel nuts, you may need an extension bar for the wheel nuts, but do not use the extension bar to retighten the wheel nuts as you my over tighten the nuts or break the studs.

When you have finished the job have a good look around for any tool left lying on the ground, and don’t forget to remove the choke from the other side of the car.

Changing a Flat Tyre on a Toyota Prado