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Chainsaws and footy players

The cut on AFL star Brent Harvey's left knee is a stark reminder that chainsaws can be very dangerous. Harvey did not even need stitches at the weekend after accidentally cutting himself while using a friend's chainsaw.  The North Melbourne veteran had nearly finished cleaning up at home after a storm when the accident happened.  "I bent over and picked up a little twig, but at the same time my finger was still on the throttle of the chainsaw"

Chainsaws get a good work out in the Top End, especially now during the wet season, when things are growing fast. Chainsaws are fantastically useful but we also know just how dangerous they can be, especially in untrained hands. James uses a chainsaw regularly and is often found removing an offending limb, one that has fallen or is threatening to fall. Chainsaws are very useful. Unfortunately, too many people have had a chainsaw accident and suffered skin lacerations, facial, hand/finger damage, open wounds, fractures or amputations. It doesn't matter who you are. See our chainsaw courses.