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Online chemical course for the Northern Territory cattle industry

This course is for cattle producers in the Northern Territory Cattle industry. Station workers that use agricultural chemicals like 1080 Doggone dry baits, wet baits and ‘pour-ons’ for tick control in live export.  The pests are wild dogs, pigs, cattle tick and weeds. This course will prepare NT pastoralist and station workers to use chemicals for the NT cattle industry. 100% based on the Northern Territory cattle industry and live export.  Watch video to see how to set up password very easy

You do not need to be a IT guru, the learning materials, books, tests are provided to you via the online website AusChem Online the system is designed to be user friendly and easy to drive.

Make sure the video does not go over 20 minutes. The video must show your face so we can identify you.  You select the chemical, target and spray equipment it could be a quickspray unit or tank & gun or knapsack or boomspray.

Graziers, cattle producers, station workers in the Northern Territory all have the same struggle with wild dogs taking young cattle they can cost a lot of money the preferred method is wet baits or injecting 1080 into wet meat baits. There is a new product called PAPP which has less off target damage so if say another animal actually ate the bait there’s less chance of that animal dieing, this is in the product Dogabait.  Watch video to see how to set up password very easy

This course is very good for people that want to control wild dogs that have been destroying cattle or they might have some wild pigs especially in the wet areas of the Northern Territory but using 1080 Baits are good doggone are pretty effective however you have to know what you’re doing and you’ve gotta get all the approvals from NT government.

1080 is very dangerous to human beings you can’t just let any person do it you must receive the right training and a person that’s a bit mature and understands the responsibilities.  The last thing the industry needs is 1080 Baits that end up in suburbia or someone starts baiting animals in town, governments are likely to freak out and then band wild dog poisons.

This video is a good example of the practical test that you have to do for the AusChem online course. Make a video like this, you select the chemical and make sure the video covers the chemical rate from the label, PPE, mixing, measuring, application, wash up and anything relevant to the chemical application.

There’s lots of wild dogs out there especially when you get closer to darwin or the top and and they do destroy a lot of cattle it’s hard to say the numbers but that would go into the millions of dollars all over the NT.  You can use sodium Fleur acetate otherwise known as 1080 or you could try PAPP which has less of Off target damage.

The AusChem Online Training is 100% for the cattle producers of the Northern Territory.  Ticks, weeds, wild dogs, pigs and treatments are all NT problems based on the NT environment.  The online course is great because you do not need much IT skills.  The reading materials, slides, videos and websites are provided to students via the online website AusChem online and you can contact the trainer by email anytime.  You can do this course in your own time, The learning is structured to achieve the aim of the course, each section to be completed prior to moving onto another section starting at Introduction followed by section 1, 2 etc. working through the information and knowledge.

A lot of pastoralists like the wet baits where they get the 1080 concentrate injected into the Baits they are made up of a killer or old animal that they shot cut them up and Injected the baites drop them out as fresh meat bait.  The best thing about doing an online course as you don’t have to leave your cattle station you can stay at the cattle station which could ultimately save you maybe a 500 to 1000 km drive.

The online course will take about 12 - 14 hours at own pace and have up to eight (8) weeks to complete the course.  The student must have access to spray equipment and PPE to undertake practical test and the online tests are open book, the AusChem National AgVet Chemical User book is posted to you therefore you have the "paper copy" aswell.

The online AusChem chemical course is very easy, you do not have to upload anything and you do not have to have great IT skills all you need is a computer, the internet.  You must have the following skills and computer software & hardware, firstly read English and have a high school year ten (10) level of mathematics and computer knowledge & skills, email, internet searchs.  You will need a smartphone or digital camera or Ipad to make video.  Its good to have internet access that is reliable, PC or laptop and email account and a internet browsers.  Watch video to see how to set up password very easy

The assessment is online tests - true/false, multiple choice, open ended questions and a phone call verbal test with random questions.  Finally a practical test - you must make a video of your self mixing chemical and spraying.  All tests are submitted online as the work is completed.

The video or practical must be a demonstration of skills will be assessed by the submission of a video that the student demonstrates their skills in a simulated work environment. In the video they must read the chemical label, mix the chemical, wear the correct PPE, apply the chemical to weeds or pests. The video must identify the student and is emailed to the trainer.

You can transfer to a face to face course at any time, however you will incurr an extra charge of $200. You will have to travel to Darwin for this course. Go to Darwin Chemical Course Dates

The "AusChem Accreditation" has a five (5) year life and is a requirement for the following Northern Territory Government licenses and authorisations. Schedule 7 Chemical Authorisation is used by mango & vegetable growers, the 1080 Authorisation is required for pastoralist that want to bait wild dogs or pigs.

We are the only providers of the online AusChem chemical course that is 100% based on the Northern Territorys wild dogs and control methods that are used in the NT. You can select to be tested on 1080 Wild Dog labels or herbicides labels. The legislation is 100% Northern Territory Government. You do not need to be a IT guru, the learning materials, books, tests are provided to you via the online website AusChem online the system is designed to be user friendly and easy to drive.

Northern Territory legislation can be confusing as you need to get a PAMA and authorisation to take protect the wildlife and the person doing the 1080 whether it be wet Baits or Dry Baits has to have 1080 authorisation so there is a bit of paperwork to do before you can do anything. 

There are a few cattle ticks in the Northern Territory that are resistant to treatment such as Baticol so when you do your treatments make sure you are rotating your chemicals and that you have an understanding of insect resistance so you can manage the resistant strains of ticks.  

The "AusChem" has a five (5) year life and is a requirement for the following authorisations from NT Government:

  • Schedule 7 Chemical Authorisation
  • 1080 Bait Injector Authorisation
  • PAMA - Pest Animal Management 

The Units of Competencies are from the Agricultural Training Package (AHC) they are AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pests, weeds and diseases and AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals.  Online tests for herbicides that are used in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Online chemical course for the Northern Territory cattle industry

The online course can save you allot of money you do not have to drive to Darwin or Katherine or Alice Springs.  You can do the course at your workplace.

Online chemical course for the Northern Territory cattle industry