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Car battery can fail

If your car battery is old and what I mean by old is greater than two (2) years old, it may fail very soon.  Most batteries for 4WD vehicles or Toyota 4x4 vehicles usually last 2 years in the Top End of the Northern Territory.    The battery terminal may have blue powder or corrosion, this can be caused by a number of things, firstly, the terminal connector might be loose, causing the electricituy to arc between power supply and connector.  Secondly, the battery fluid is low, this may need a top up.  Read battery instructions and work out what fluid is needed for a top up. 

Finally, the battery could be old they usually last about 2 years in Darwin.  Have a look at the photo you can see the blue powder this is not good.  Make sure you check your battery before you go on a long bush trip.  Doing a 4WD course will help you