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Avoiding Buffalo on Top End roads

The best aspects of a defensive driver course was the emergency breaking.  Driving a four wheel drive vehicle along a dirt road can be pretty dangerous especially when there are buffalos, pigs, donkeys and horses roaming the bush. So learning how to break is very important even more so in a 4WD due to the high chance of a roll over.  

How do I avoid hitting a large animal like a Buffalo? Firstly, avoid driving at sun rise and sun set and drive slower on a dirt road.  Secondly, if a Buffalo was to run out in front of the car, the driver must apply the brakes ASAP and slow the vehicle down.  Thirdly, do not swerve, keep the vehicle straight you do not want to induce a roll over.  Finally, only drive the car when you are alert if you feel tired, stop and have a rest.  Defensive 4WD course information.

Watch the video and you will see the massive stopping distance on a wet road road at only 60km/h.

During a defensive 4WD course you will learn how to do an emergency break on dirt roads.  Applying the brakes at speed will build your confidence and you will get a feel for how the car behaves.  Knowing what the car is capable of will make driving safer for you and your workmates.  Learn more about 4WD course in Darwin