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​Toyota Stuck in L4

Can’t get your Toyota Prado out of Low 4

Try this, the vehicle must be stationary, select neutral with your foot on the brake and turn the control switch from L4 to H4 slowly.  Waiting until the L4 light goes out, 3 – 5 sec and you should hear a click.  OK it did not work, you may need to reverse your vehicle for 20 – 30 meters in a straight line. Then repeat step 1.

If this fails, you could try selecting Park instead of neutral if you are in an automatic vehicle.  If this did not work the computer is confused try is to shut the vehicle down in park as you would at home when you park for the night.  Wait for 1 minute this will reset the computer then retry step 1 and step 2.

​Toyota Stuck in L4

If your vehicle has 3 positions H2 – H4 – L4 when turning the selector from H2 to L4 you should wait in H4 for the light to stop flashing 3 – 5 sec before selecting L4, waiting for the light to stop flashing 3 – 5 sec before trying to drive, and the same when returning to H2.

If all fails, see if there is anything in your owner’s manual.  The computer can occasionaly get confused so do everything slowly.