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​Hazards on dirt roads in the Northern Territory

Are dirt roads in the NT dangerous?  Well let’s look at the hazards, firstly what is a hazard?  Anything that can injury or kill you.  These are some of the hazards you may encounter whilst driving in the Northern Territory.  These are not necessarily specific to unsealed or dirt roads.

  • Sand or dusty roads
  • Loss of control due to corrugations, bull dust, wet slippery surface
  • Tyre blowout, tyre wear or incorrect pressure
  • Vehicle malfunction
  • Large animals on road (camel, horse, pig, buffalo, kangaroo, cow)
  • Birds
  • Poor visibility due to dust, rain, dirty windscreen, sun
  • Rocks from other vehicles
  • Water crossings – wash away or stall car
  • Fatigue – sleepy, loss of concentration
  • Attitude – I can drive for hours
  • Speed - going too fast on dirt roads
  • Traveling to fast on corners - rollovers

Accidents happen, sadly these people rolled a 4WD vehicle on a isolated remote road.  Very dangerous.  Have you considered a defensive driving course for dirt roads?

​Hazards on dirt roads in the Northern Territory

Lets look at the road statistics for the NT:

  • 84% Territory residents and 16% from interstate or overseas
  • 51% of the drivers and passengers killed were not wearing a seat belt
  • 55% of all fatal crashes were either single vehicle run off road or roll over
  • 20% were pedestrian run over
  • 71% of fatalities male

Yes NT dirt roads are pretty dangerous so what can you do to make it safer for you and your workmates?  Slow down, do not speed and never go over 90km/h on a dirt road. Learn about a defensive 4WD course. James Gorrie has been driving 4 wheel drives in the NT for the past eighteen (18) years and has lived in Alice Springs, Katherine and Darwin.