Use firearms to humanely destroy animals AHCPMG304

Shooting Feral Animals & Gun Safety

We will teach your staff the "respect and professionalism" required to handle, store and transport firearms.  To shoot and humanly destroy feral animals using a firearm.  All firearms have the potential to be high risk but can be extremely safe in the hands of a well trained operator.  Our trainer has years of experience in gun safety and humane feral animal destruction.

Shooting Feral Animals & Gun Safety

This course is nationally recognised throughout Australia

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About the course

This course is only delivered for groups in remote locations, the client must have a corporate firearms license and meet all firearms licenses requirements as prescribed by Northern Territory Police.

This course is about firearm safety and how to humanly destroy pest animals using a firearm in the Northern Territory.  The use of firearms in a controlled environment on a target range and simulation of controlling vertebrate pests like pigs, donkeys or cats.

What will I learn?

  • Safe gun handling techniques
  • Attitude towards firearm safety
  • Licensing requirements for firearm storage
  • Licensing requirements for firearm transport
  • Sighting in firearms 
  • Shooting firearms at target pests
  • Firearms maintenance
  • Hazards related to firearms
  • Risk reduction
  • Standard operating procedures for feral animal control
  • Anatomy for a range of vertebrate pests
  • Animal anatomy showing vital organs
  • How to shoot accurately
  • Cleaning firearms
  • Shoot to kill
  • Calibre size for target

The unit of competency is: AHCPMG304 Use firearms to humanely destroy animals