$10 AusChem

Online AusChem Chemical Course $10

READ FIRST - $10 You must meet the criteria below:
  • Any age, casual or part time employee (working less than 35 hrs per week)
  • Age 17 - 24 years old, you must confirm your age (you cannot be enrolled at high school)
  • or Jobseeker, you must confirm your unemployment status (see below)
  • Resident of the Northern Territory
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • If you are a re-fresher student and have completed these units: AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pests, weeds and diseases and AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals. You cannot do this course.

Jobseeker - If you are a Jobseeker or unemployed you must prove this by a Centrlink or Human Services official document. This course has been funded by the Northern Territory Government by the Job Training Fund.

The "AusChem" has a five (5) year life and is a requirement for the following authorisations from NT Government:

  • Professional Ground Spray License
  • Schedule 7 Chemical Authorisation
  • 1080 Bait Injector Authorisation
  • PAMA - Pest Animal Management Authorisation
Online AusChem Chemical Course $10

This course is nationally recognised throughout Australia

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This course will be run on the following dates.

April - June 2021
13 Places Available

About the course

Online Training:

  • Reading materials, slides, videos and websites are provided to you via the online website AusChem Online and you can contact the trainer by email anytime.
  • You do not have to download or upload or save documents. No special software or readers.
  • You can do this course in your own time.
  • Each section to be completed prior to moving onto another section starting at Instructions followed by section 1, 2 etc. working through the information and knowledge.
  • The online course will take about 12 - 16 hours at own pace and you have up to eight (8) weeks to complete the course.
  • You must have access to spray equipment and PPE to undertake the practical test. Online tests are open book.
  • The AusChem National AgVet Chemical User book is posted to you therefore you have the "paper copy" as well.

You must have the following skills and computer software & hardware:

  • Read English and have a high school year ten (10) level of mathematics.
  • Computer knowledge, skills and email, Smartphone or digital camera to make video and email to the trainer.
  • Internet access, PC or laptop, Web browsers to navigate pages and websites.

The assessment is a combination of theory and practical:

  • Online tests - true/false and multiple choice.
  • Phone call verbal test - random questions.
  • Practical test video - you must make a video of your self mixing chemical and spraying.

Practical Test - Video

Demonstration of skills will be assessed by a video where you demonstrate the skills in your workplace. In the video you must read the chemical label, mix the chemical, wear the correct PPE, apply the chemical to weeds or pests. The video must identify the student and is emailed or texted to the trainer. Watch the video - example

Units of Competencies are:

  • AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pests, weeds and diseases
  • AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals

What will I learn?

You will learn how to safely handle and use chemicals.  We cover everything in a helpful and informative training style that will get you up to speed.

  • Chemical labels
  • Withholding periods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Mixing rates
  • Protective equipment
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Safety data sheet (SDS)
  • Residue problems
  • Legislation
  • Authorisations
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Duty of care
  • Work health and safety
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Nozzle selection
  • Chemical spill
  • Clean up and disposal
  • Off target damage