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Changing a Flat Tyre on a Toyota Prado

Safety tips for changing tyres on 4WD vehiclesThe first safety tip to consider when changing a tyre is to find suitable ground for the tyre change.  You want to find a level solid base away from danger, like passing cars.The second safety tip when doing a tyre change is to make sure the vehicle is secure,…

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How to unlock the Toyota Prado spare wheel

The Toyota Prado spare wheel is locked by a simple Nut lock but there is a trick to opened the lock, you need the keyless device that starts the car.  There is a little key hidden in the key less device, yes there is a key in the key less device, this can be very confusing, its better to work out how…

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The Army uses Train Safe NT

Training the Australian ArmyI was lucky to be involved in training soldiers (Department of Defence) in 4WD vehicle recovery.  The course was a unit of competency so it was Nationally Recognised Training this met the standards for Army personnel.  The day started with a check of all recovery equipment…